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Immediate Expert Legal Representation is a Must

Criminal law involves the prosecution of a person for an act or offense that has been classified as a crime and can include both felonies and misdemeanors. Avoiding the potential for extremely serious consequences, punishments and penalties call for immediate expert legal representation. At Kendrick & Associates Law, PC, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers are readily available to assist you.

If you have been formally charged with a crime or are under investigation, do not hesitate to contact one of our attorneys. If you are accused of a crime or if the police begin to question you, you have the right to remain silent until you consult with an attorney. The sooner you obtain legal counsel, the greater your chances for a favorable outcome.

At Kendrick & Associates Law, PC, Attorneys at Law, we will ensure that you are informed of your rights and that your rights are protected through competent representation. Our attorneys have vigorously and successfully defended clients who have been charged with misdemeanor offenses and serious felony crimes.

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